Fleet Operations Mission Planner


Direct Entry Job Permanent London, UK

Uploaded 18 Jun 2019

Job Description

The Fleet Operations UK Satellite Operations Center (UKSOC) Mission Planner is an engineer reporting to the Mission Planning Lead and is responsible for all aspects of spacecraft operations planning. Tasks include analyzing and processing planning requests for feasibility, contact scheduling, and mission plan development and publishing. In addition, the Mission planner will process real-time change requests and modifications to the plan. The planner interfaces with other crew positions, resolves conflicts, and makes notifications per the Mission Planning process.


  • Development, deconfliction, and publishing of the constellation mission plan.
  • Receive, process, screen and deploy spacecraft activity schedules.
  • Deconflict plan requests based on operational priorities and constraints.
  • Configure, operate, and troubleshoot planning system software applications.
  • Respond to unscheduled outages, applications software issues/failures.
  • Perform on-console mission planning activities in a rotating shift environment.

Person Specification

  • The ideal candidate will have experience in:
    • Satellite and ground system operations
    • Activity prioritization and planning
    • Real-time schedule deconfliction
    • Spacecraft activity feasibility analysis
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, take ownership of all aspects of job and take initiative.
  • Excellent oral and written skills and communication / briefing skills is essential.
  • A minimum of 2 years of aerospace industry or equivalent experience required with 5 years preferred.
  • Direct experience in resource or mission planning software application system configuration and operation, Launch and Early Obit Operations, sustaining Satellite Operations, and Flight Dynamics is highly desirable.
  • Demonstrated ability to work to tight deadlines in high stress environments.
  • Multi-satellite LEO constellation operations experience is highly desirable.