Embedded software/ hardware prototype engineer

Archangel Lightworks

Graduate Position Permanent Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK

Uploaded 26 Jun 2019

Job Description

Archangel Imaging is a startup developing distributed intelligence and advanced unmanned camera systems. We have worked on World Record projects and have developed unique machine vision payloads including edge AI devices featured at BT Augmented Intelligence 2018 (winner), Dubai’s Robotics for Good award in 2017 (finalist) and at Innovate 2017 exhibition.

Our mission is to help organisations gain and manage easily machine vision capability on edge devices deployed in remote areas, such as in automated search and rescue operations, sea crime monitoring and environmental protection missions. Our products combine cutting-edge machine learning with specialist cameras, advanced communication terminals and different levels of swarm intelligence to meet this challenge.

Role description

We are currently hiring for an embedded device prototype engineer. The ideal candidate will be very hands on, and will discover and solve problems quickly, efficiently, and ideally in an inexpensive fashion. The position would be part-time, although depending on your skills, there may be opportunity to contribute to other areas in a full-time role.

Examples of responsibilities and contribution areas: 

  • electronics design & build
  • PCB design, build, order, test
  • embedded software development (drivers, integration, boot, logic etc.)
  • 3D modelling for 3D printing prototypes
  • testing of software and devices, e.g. range testing radios, measuring solar charging efficiency or deep learning model accuracy
  • partner/supplier liaison
  • internal dev team liason
  • lab / equipment management

With various projects we have, depending on your skill set and interests you can also develop skills in machine learning and IoT. We are a small company who like to do big impactful things and we are seeking someone who shares that mindset. We want you to grow with us.

Interested applicants may also join first as a fixed-term consultant although we prefer to find a good permanent match.

Person Specification


  • At least a degree in a science/engineering related subject​
  • Strong skills in electronic engineering
  • Strong skills in hardware design and manufacture​
  • Strong prototyping and problem solving skills​
  • Strong skills with embedded software and hardware​
  • Strong skills in 3D modelling and manufacture(CNC, 3D printing)​
  • Good communications skills to work with suppliers and outsource​
  • Strong organisation skills

Desirable additional skills/experience:

  • Good skills in PCB design and manufacture​
  • Good skills in thermal modelling​
  • Good skills in power profiling and power optimisation​

Examples in your portfolio that we'd like to hear about:

  • That phone app you made to solve a cool problem
  • Running deep learning on embedded devices
  • Experience coding with various computing platforms (Linux, windows, mac, raspberry Pi, arduino, GPU, etc.) or languages (Python, C, javascript, Go etc.)
  • Running code on tiny platforms (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32 etc)
  • Experience with [camera] sensor integration (e.g. that IoT project you did for your Dad last Christmas)
  • Awareness of modern software development (CI, CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Vue etc.)
  • Front end, web API ninja skills
  • Communication technology experiments (wireless weather station, IoT, satellites, cellular etc.)