Thermal Control Subsystem Lead Engineer


Direct Entry Job Permanent Tokyo, Japan

Uploaded 30 Jun 2019

Job Description


  • Thermal control design and analysis of satellite.
    – Optimize combination of passive and active thermal control to maintain all parts of satellite within allowable temperature limit. Passive control includes tuning of conduction/radiation heat paths. Active control includes electrical heaters. Note: No convection exists in space environment.
    – Design and select thermal instrumentation hardware for use on satellite, e.g. heat dissipation material, thermal insulation (i.e. multi-layer insulation), electrical heaters etc.
    – Create and maintain satellite thermal mathematical models which consist of conduction/radiation node network and geometry models with thermal optical properties.
    – Predict temperature distribution and heat power dissipation using thermal analysis codes and thermal mathematical models of satellites.
    – Correct thermal mathematical model using thermal balance test results.
    – Coordinate thermal interface with satellite subsystems.
  • Thermal tests of satellite.
    – Create assembly, integration and verification plans for thermal control subsystems.
    – Make test plans and procedures for thermal vacuum and thermal balance tests and participate in those tests.
  • Management of development schedule and cost.
    – Create development plans for satellites thermal control subsystems.
    – Management of thermal hardware manufacturers and outsourcing vendors.

Person Specification

Essential Skills

  • Knowledge of conductive and radiative heat transfer.
  • Practical experience of thermal control design or analysis or tests in one of the following industries aerospace, automotive, electronics devices, and or robotics development.
  • English language capability TOEIC 700+.
  • Business level Japanese skill.

Desired Skills

  • Thermal analysis software skill of “Thermal Desktop”.
  • Basic knowledge of orbital mechanics.