Mechanical Engineer


Direct Entry Job Permanent London or Harwell, UK

Uploaded 12 Aug 2019

Job Description

Company Overview

Sen’s vision is to democratize space using video, to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all humanity. Sen’s mission is to stream real-time videos from space to billions of people, providing unique perspectives of our ever-changing world and future in space. 

We have already deployed our first video cameras in Low Earth Orbit and are now scaling our systems. Sen's cameras will be deployed on both our own satellites and as hosted payloads on other spacecraft to capture the maximum number of perspectives of what's happening on Earth and in space, including deploying video cameras on and around the Moon and later Mars, providing multi-world data.

Job Description 

The successful candidate for the Mechanical Engineer position will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Serve as lead mechanical engineer working closely within a small multidisciplinary team
  • Design complex mechanical assemblies that may include structures, actuators, integrated electronics, cabling, thermal management and moving elements for use in potentially harsh environments with strict size and mass constraints
  • Design spaceflight hardware including camera systems, housings, bodies, support structures and their thermal and mechanical interfaces to host systems
  • Produce complete 3D CAD models and manufacturing outputs of all designs
  • Analyse structural and thermal performance of mechanical designs using FEA simulation tools
  • Coordinate the fabrication, assembly, test and qualification of prototypes and flight hardware along with external subcontractor management

Applicants should email a cover letter and CV to [email protected]

Person Specification

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience
  • Proficiency in 3D parametric modelling package(s) and simulation tools
  • Authorised to work in the UK 
  • Excellent written/verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic startup environment
  • Passion for space exploration
  • Practical experience designing, building and testing space hardware is preferred, but other transferable experiences will be considered