GNC/AOCS and Robotics Engineer


Direct Entry Job Permanent Stevenage, UK

Uploaded 7 Sep 2019

Job Description

As an experienced engineer you will be joining a team of Attitude and Orbit Control System / Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC / AOCS) analysts to work on current and future space missions. The job includes the design, analysis and test support activities associated with the development of a GNC/AOCS system for space applications.

The department provides the GNC / AOCS engineering design, analysis and support to a number of large ESA projects being conducted at Airbus DS Stevenage, including Solar Orbiter (observing the Sun's heliosphere and solar wind) and ExoMars Rover (a mission to land and operate an autonomous rover vehicle on Mars). The department also leads a number of technology R&D studies (both internal and external) in the areas of advanced GNC and robotics.


Person Specification

  • Matlab and Simulink experience
  • Ability to develop Software to a prototype level (non-real time simulator development under C / Matlab).
  • A background in Engineering / Physics / Science / Technology / Computer Science (or similar) and preferably an interest in the space engineering sector.
  • Knowledge of dynamics and control is essential, as is experience in the use of Matlab, Simulink.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • The ability to interact comfortably within a team environment.
  • Mathematical modelling, computer simulations and software development
  • Dynamics and control engineering knowledge.