Olympus Rover Trials Volunteer


Volunteer Role Fixed Term Remote, UK

Uploaded 30 Oct 2019

Job Description

Olympus Rover Trials 2019/20 Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering with UKSEDS is a great way to network with industry, grow your CV and gain vital organisational and team-working skills to prepare you for industry. The Olympus Rover Trials is due to start in November and we are looking for volunteers to help us run the competition. 

There are a wide range of ways that you can get involved and some example roles are included below but you won’t be required to stick to a single role for the entire competition. Previous experience is not required, volunteering at UKSEDS is a learning experience for everyone and we are looking for motivated people who are fun to work with.

If you are interested in any of the roles described below, please send an email to [email protected] with a short paragraph on why you want to volunteer and detailing any relevant experience you may have. 

Team Liaison

We have 10+ teams apply to the competition annually and they often have questions about competition rules or ask for extensions to deadlines. In this role you will be the first point of contact for all competing teams. This involves answering any questions that they have, forwarding them onto the rules committee where appropriate and disseminating information and reminders about deadlines.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage participating team (i.e. team control doc)
  • Support team with rule clarification
  • Support team with uploading information on website and milestone submissions (e.g. Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews)
  • Support team to organise meetings with reviewers
  • Update team with upcoming milestones and competition day details (transport, funding, stay, schedule etc)

Reviewer support

An important part of the competition is that real engineers from the space industry are involved in marking the design reports. This means that we require a volunteer to help us find engineers who are willing to donate their time to review reports and answer any questions that existing reviewers may have. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Find reviewers and manage reviewers (i.e. reviewer control doc)
  • Support reviewers with rule clarification
  • Update reviewer with upcoming feedback return milestone
  • Support reviewers with feedback submissions and organising meetings with teams
  • Update reviewers with competition details (transport, funding, schedule etc)

Workshop Organisation

This year we are aiming to run an educational workshop to help introduce teams to the design of rovers, particularly how to design rovers to survive the vibration test. To achieve this we require a volunteer to organise booking the venue, budgeting and advertising the event to teams. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • First point of contact with participating companies
  • Create budget for the workshop
  • Organise a date and location for the workshop
  • Create a flyer to send around to the team with workshop information (i.e. time, date, location, funding, lunch etc)
  • Find UKSEDS volunteers for workshop (if needed)
  • Perform outreach for workshop (upload photos via. UKSEDS social media)

Sponsors and Budget

The Olympus Rover Trials is entirely funded by industrial sponsorship. This means that we need to carefully budget for the competition and approach companies to seek out sponsorship. As a sponsorship/budget volunteer, you will be involved in creating a budget accounting for future volunteer expenses, liaising with the UKSEDS treasurer, managing reimbursement for teams and managing sponsors (throughout) on the competition day.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Find sponsor/funding (workshop and competition day)
  • Write proposals if needed for funding 
  • Forecast budget (workshop and competition day)
  • Manage funds using control doc (keep treasurer in loop)
  • Manage reimbursement to team, reviewers, speakers, volunteers (with help of treasurer)
  • Manage sponsors on the competition day (i.e . stand, speakers, etc)


Assist the UKSEDS marketing team in promoting the competition activities and sponsors around key milestones and keeping the competition website updated.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Update website with team information
  • Update website at every milestone
  • Create social media posts at milestones
  • Manage competition website (i.e. team profile, reviewer profile, rule document, document template)

Competition Day Organisation

The competition day held at RAL Space takes a significant amount of organising. Volunteers are involved with liaising with the staff at RAL Space to select a date. You will also be involved in organising catering, sponsor stands, industrial speakers and the final awards.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create schedule of the day (testing, yard runs, talks, award ceremony etc)
  • Organise the competition day with host company (i.e. RAL Space)
  • Organise catering, stands for sponsors and talks for the day