Missions Analyst

Orbital Astronautics

Direct Entry Job Permanent Harwell, UK

Uploaded 1 Dec 2019

Job Description

What you’ll be doing

Develop nanosatellite flock simulation toolkits. Mature and stress-test autonomous flock management algorithms and systems; this will involve much interaction with RF, ADCS, and propulsion teams. Demonstrate what is achievable at the mission-level with flocking. Lead system-level studies and trade-offs for a wide variety of missions and scenarios. Interface with customers and agencies, helping identify the value proposition of OrbAstro technologies at the mission- and programme-levels.

What we’re looking for

Attitude > Talent > Experience

Mediocre engineers don’t make great companies. Our bar is very high. You’ll be joining the “special forces”, an exceptionally high-calibre team. We’re looking for fantastic technical talent with a can-do attitude. Industry experience will help, but is not a requirement.

Interview process

Send an email to [email protected] with key points – we don’t want to read largely irrelevant CVs. We will get back to you swiftly. If we think you may be the right fit, we’ll invite you over for a chat/Skype. If that goes well, we may ask you to work with us on a small project to get a better feel.

About us

OrbAstro is focused on developing the technology to enable tiny satellites to operate in large flocks. This manifests itself as a small plug-in module for the satellite that fills the technology gap between operations of a single satellite and operations of a flock. Flocking is highly relevant to most existing markets, many emerging markets, and is a key-enabler in several markets that want to exist. We’ve secured the finances to take us to flight-ready.

Start date


Person Specification

Essential skills

Very strong and demonstrable background in MATLAB and C. Demonstrated experience in STK/GMAT. Strong mathematical background, with a deep understanding of orbital mechanics and dynamics. Excellent communications skills.

Nice to have’s

Experience with nanosatellite formation flight and flocks/constellations. Any background in embedded systems, FMECA, ADCS, control systems, power electronics, and thermal management systems will be helpful. Active knowledge of the global space industry.