Communications Coordinator

Centre for a Spacefaring Civilisation

Volunteer Role Permanent Virtual, UK

Uploaded 2 Feb 2020

Job Description

This role is responsible for the management and creative leadership of the brand. The Communications Coordinator is a member of the management team responsible for the overall strategic direction and success of our work. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for brand projection — developing resources and systems to spread the good news of our work – and brand protection – counselling on and implementing strategies to preserve the integrity of our logo, name, identity, and reputation. This work involves addressing a range of internal and external audiences including existing and potential donors, staff, and supporters as well as wider audiences.

Key responsibilities: 

Advise and support the management team as it pursues its goals. This includes advice on creating and implementing communications strategies and campaigns for brand-building, media relations, special events, fundraising, appropriate technology, volunteer mobilisation, advocacy, crisis communications; and the provision of consistent communications messages and materials to support these responsibilities. The coordinator may act as public spokesperson in coordination with the Executive Director Devising roll-out strategies; liaising and sharing with peers in other regions; and coordinating and collaborating with the communications team on global strategies and initiatives. Create and update key information and clear and consistent messages about our work Lead and direct the compilation, writing, editing, design, production, and distribution of printed, audio-visual, digital materials. This includes speeches and presentations and executive materials for international board members.


 Lead and direct communications office staff; devise protocols, assign responsibilities and assess performance against agreed criteria Operate the team and communications needs within budgets agreed by senior management team.

Person Specification


 • Strong digital skills 

• Strong social media skills and knowledge 

• Sharp time management skills

• Strong ethics, with an ability to manage confidential data 

• Able to deal with senior stakeholders 

• Excellent written and communications skills in English 

• Excellent networking skills 

• Effective management skills 



• Proven experience as a Communications Officer or similar role 

• Familiar and comfortable with Office 365 suite 

• Experience with Wix and Wordpress

 • Experience with podcasts and similar media 

• Understanding of relevant analytical tools

 • A degree in a related or relevant field 

• An interest in and enthusiasm for space (and space law)