Outreach Volunteer

Galactic Challenge

Volunteer Role Fixed Term Durham, UK

Uploaded 12 Feb 2020

Job Description

The Galactic Challenge is a one day engineering industry simulation competition for students aged 10-13. Students will become part of an aerospace ‘company’ and compete against other teams (as well as the clock!) to design a space settlement in just a few hours. The task is given by the Foundation Society, a fictional organisation working to expand humanity’s frontiers in space.

The first Galactic Challenge competition at Durham University will be run on the 29th February 2020, where students will be fast forwarded to the year 2080. We are looking for volunteers to supervise teams and provide them with ‘technical’ advice on their proposals based on your own area of expertise.


Applications should be submitted to [email protected] by the 21st February 2020.

Your application must include your name, university, degree, and a short cover letter (max 500 words) detailing:

• Why you would like to volunteer with the Galactic Challenge  

• Any previous experience working with children

• Your favourite thing about space


Person Specification

• Be a studying for a university degree (preferably at Durham University) 

• Have an interest in space/ the space sector 

• Have previous experience working with children 

• A fluency in English