Control Systems Engineer

Isotropic Systems Limited

Direct Entry Job Permanent Reading, UK

Uploaded 10 Mar 2020

Job Description

Isotropic Systems is seeking a Control Systems Engineer with experience in developing control systems relevant to satellite ground terminals. In this role they will specify, design, and implement beam pointing and satellite tracking control systems for mobile SATCOM terminals using both geo-synchronous and non-geosynchronous orbit satellite constellations. This position will report to the Director of Terminal Management and will collaborate closely with the Active Microwave and Systems Engineering teams to implement the necessary interfaces, hardware, and software to meet product and regulatory requirements. Background in beamforming from Electrically Steered Antennas (ESA) and maintaining satellite links using stabilized reflectors will be useful for this role. Designs and implementations of the antenna beam pointing and tracking system must be performed with understanding of expected physical, mechanical, and electrical tolerances, in the presence of noise, shocks, and vibrations and multiple error sources.

Phased array beamforming requires knowledge of and compliance with the relevant FCC and ITU regulations for the power-spectral density (PSD) masks for transmit mode, and maximum efficiency in receive mode. The requirements for the tracking system are specified by the environment and regulatory masks, which must be flowed down to the terminal subsystems. The Control Systems Engineer will also contribute to the development of calibration processes (real-time and factory calibration) to ensure accurate beam pointing at all times.

The Control Systems Engineer is expected to bring a high degree of creativity and problem-solving capability to search outside the box for new solutions to questions in the design, testing, and calibration of a cost-effective, high-performance Satcom terminal. In addition, technical leadership is expected in the areas of analysis of complex Antenna systems for all-electronic antenna systems and motion-controlled stabilized platforms, and monitoring and maintaining trends of performance across multiple product lines and customer development projects.

Person Specification

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Specify detailed requirements for the pointing and tracking control system for Isotropic’s electrically-steered SATCOM terminals
  • Develop functional and performance models of pointing and tracking subsystems for testing algorithms and control software
  • Determine tracking architecture, algorithms, and implementation methods
  • Design pointing and tracking systems to meet requirements
  • Determine hardware and software requirements
  • Interface with Active Microwave Circuits team to provide necessary control signals to command and control the beamforming operations
  • Organize production quality software development supporting the pointing, tracking, and control.


  • BS or MS in Electronic, Systems, or related Engineering discipline
  • 3 years commercial or equivalent experience in the design of control systems, ideally for satellite applications
  • Demonstrated capability in pointing and control techniques and methodologies relevant to SATCOM ground terminals
  • Demonstrated strong capability in the relevant mathematical techniques and the development of computing algorithms to implement these in real time.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of satellite orbital dynamics.
  • A strong understanding of sources of measurement error and noise.
  • Translation of product requirements and specifications into technical requirement and specifications
  • Extensive experience in working with industry standard modelling tools, hardware design, integration, testing, and troubleshooting
  • Proficiency with standard scientific computing toolkits, languages, and packages, such as Matlab/Labview/Simulink etc.
  • Embedded systems development
  • Ability to perform practical testing and validation to prove that the developed system meets the specified requirements
  • Technically proficient in MS Office products

Other Abilities:

  • Exceptional technical ability
  • Strong communications skills
  • Ability to communicate calmly in a well thought out response, verbal and written
  • Must have substantial problem-solving abilities
  • Interpersonal skills to effectively work with Isotropic staff internally as well as working effectively with suppliers and customers
  • Ability to effectively present information in team meetings and design reviews as needed
  • Knowledge of the SATCOM ecosystem
  • Occasional international travel on request