Student Position in the Area of Simulations of Star-Planet Interactions

The Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)

PhD 3 years Potsdam, Germany

Uploaded 10 Mar 2020

Job Description

The focus of the offered PhD project is to numerically investigate possible scenarios for magnetic star-planet interactions, with particular emphasis on examining the consequences for both the star and the exoplanet. Processes such as exoplanet atmosphere loss driven by coronal mass ejections and the possible influence on stellar activity signatures due to interactions with the exoplanet’s magnetosphere will be considered. The successful candidate will employ supercomputer models that simulate the magnetized environment of the global system, including the corona, stellar wind and planetary magnetosphere and atmospheric outflows. The PhD student will be supervised by Prof. Katja Poppenhäger and mentored by Dr. Julián D. Alvarado-Gómez.

Person Specification

Applicants should hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in astrophysics or a related discipline at the time of starting the position. Applicants are expected to have some experience in scientific coding.