The ING Support and Research Studentship Programme

Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes

Undergraduate Research Opportunity 1 year La Palma, Spain

Uploaded 10 Mar 2020

Job Description

The INT Support and Research Studentship programme offers astronomy and astrophysics PhD, MSc and undergraduate students a unique opportunity to spend one year at ING as INT support astronomers, and to be involved in ING projects related to instrumental, optical, or software development, improvement and/or characterisation. The rest of the time (~60%) is devoted to their thesis work or other research interests. Students interested in any field of observational astronomy and/or astronomical instrumentation are welcome.

Accommodation for the whole year is provided by the ING. The flats are within walking distance of ING's sea level headquarters. Students also receive a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses on La Palma. Several nights at the INT are usually available for observations related to the students' research activity.

Person Specification


The candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. EU or UK citizenship or possession of a EU or UK national student residence permit.
  2. Hold the status of "registered student" throughout the year to be spent on La Palma, i.e. enrolment in an astronomy PhD (preferably the early years of the PhD) or MSc program or in the final years of an undergraduate astronomy or physics course at a recognised university or research institution.
  3. Possession of a valid driving licence by the time of taking up the position on La Palma.
  4. A strong interest in observational astrophysics and/or astronomical instrumentation.
  5. A good working knowledge of English (and knowledge of Spanish is an advantage).
  6. Ability and willingness to work during day or night, occasionally also on weekends or public holidays, at an altitude of 2400 metres above sea level, and to take up residence on La Palma for the duration of the studentship.
  7. The placement is conditional on the student undergoing a medical examination (usually in the home country, to be reimbursed by the ING) to ensure the student's fitness for duty, especially at the altitude of the Observatory on La Palma.


Candidates meeting any of the following (non-mandatory) criteria are particularly welcome:

  1. Citizenship of (or residence in) one of the three ING partner countries: Spain, UK or the Netherlands.
  2. A working knowledge of the Linux/UNIX operating systems and the IRAF astronomical data-reduction software.
  3. Research interests similar to those of ING staff (see ING research staff and their interests).
  4. Experience of observing and data reduction.