Research Scholarships in Astronomy

Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)

Scholarship 6 weeks Edinburgh, UK

Uploaded 11 Mar 2020

Job Description

The Cormack Vacation Scholarship scheme is for undergraduate students studying astronomy who have a class record indicative of good research potential and who would like to further their skills and experience by undertaking a period of research at a Scottish Higher Education Institution over the summer holiday period. Applicants should be full-time astronomy undergraduates, normally up to and including the Summer before final year.

This year, we will fund three Scholarships. Scholarships have a value of £266 per week and will be funded for up to a total of  six weeks. Applications with a clear link to mountain-top observing/data may also be considered for the Piazzi Smyth Bequest Award, also valued at £266 a week.

Person Specification

The Scholarships are open to full time undergraduates. There is no restriction on home institution or nationality, however applicants must be nominated by a department in a Scottish Higher Education Institution and have a class record indicative of good research potential. Please see the Terms & Conditions for further details of project eligibility.