Early Career and Graduate Positions


Graduate Position Permanent Newport, UK

Uploaded 26 Mar 2020

Job Description

Space Forge is a start-up emerging out of stealth mode with the ambition to save our home planet. We make new materials in Space to help Humanity on Earth become more sustainable. We have identified a number of super materials that can only be made in the unique environment of Space that would enable energy Intensive industries to significantly improve their efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions.

To meet our goals, we are developing the world’s first fully reusable small satellite, one that can be launched into orbit, forge new materials, and return to Earth, to be refurbished and launched again and again. Our team has cumulatively spent decades in the space industry, and we are looking to complement our rapid expansion with early stage career individuals with some relevant experience but looking to learn more in at least one of the fields of:

Satellite re-entry modelling using Discrete Sampled Monte Carlo (DSMC),

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Multiphysics codes

The design, build and test of high speed autonomous systems

Software development of 3D re-entry prediction and visualisation suites using C++, Unity and Amazon Web Services

The design, build and test of miniaturised material processing payloads suitable for small satellites

Person Specification

We do not expect you to have done any of the above before (who has?) but we are looking for people who are willing to work hard, think logically, have high energy levels, respect others’ abilities and ultimately have an unending appetite to learn a large number of new skills quickly. Space Forge is committed to making super-powered teams of diverse individuals in all senses of the term. Do you want to help us save our home planet? Send a CV, statement on the role you are most interested in and an approximate time when you would be available to start to: [email protected]