ISU Interactive Space Program (ISP)

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Graduate Position 5 weeks Worldwide, Worldwide

Uploaded 26 Apr 2020

Job Description

The ISU Interactive Space Program (ISP) is an online professional development experience that will prepare you for the challenges of working as international, intercultural and interdisciplinary teams across the distributed domains of Earth, orbit, Moon, Mars and interplanetary space.

ISU’s online Interactive Space Program (ISP) is a 5-week full-time professional development opportunity designed for university graduates from any discipline and for professionals with any background wanting to pursue a career in the space sector.

ISP 2020 will run from Monday 20 July through Friday 21 August 2020

It will be conducted in English and follow the international, interdisciplinary and intercultural learning methodology for which ISU is well known.

ISP will prepare participants wanting to enter one of the face-to-face ISU programs such as the Master of Space Studies (MSS), the Space Studies Programs (SSP and SHSSP) or the Commercial Space Program (CSP).

The program is also a refresher for ISU alumni seeking an update on the latest developments in the international space arena and wanting to enlarge their network of professional contacts.


Participants will learn about all disciplines linked to space and will conduct teamwork similar to that of a Space Analog where crew members, mission control, scientists and experts collaborate remotely in an intense mode.

ISP will prepare participants (“the crew”) well for the challenges of producing quality work in a distributed environment such as teams on the Earth, orbit, Moon, Mars and interplanetary space.

The ISP includes a Team Mission to study how satellite applications can help prevent, monitor and mitigate a major challenge to humanity such as a pandemic, or contribute to reaching one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Team will produce a report and a final presentation for decision makers and for publication.

The introductory lectures and Q&A sessions will help analyze Space programs and projects from a multidisciplinary perspective, covering policy, economics, business, law and regulations, science, engineering, satellite applications, technology transfer, human performance in space and the contribution of the humanities.

Participants will practice round-the-clock distance collaboration as they will be based on different time zones, relaying the mission status to the next crew at the end of their daily shift or “orbit”.

Upon successful completion of the academic requirements, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from ISU and will be eligible for discount to enroll in other – face to face – ISU programs such as the Master of Space Studies (MSS) or one of the Space Studies Programs (SSP, SHSSP).


Participants will interact with about one hundred experts from academia, space agencies and industry from all over the world: astronauts and cosmonauts, space agency officials, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, lawyers, project managers, educators, communicators, artists and more. The curriculum is led by a dedicated team of ISU Faculty.

In learning by doing, participants will be prepared to create and nurture professional contacts with space experts from all disciplines in academia, government and private companies from around the world.

The ISP graduates will enter the global ISU community of over 5000 alumni and faculty: an informal yet effective network with members active in all fields of Space in academia, government and private companies in more than 100 countries.

Person Specification

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2020. To allow for interactive learning based on small groups and individual mentoring, the number of places is limited, and applicants are encouraged to apply early.

The tuition fee is 7.500 Euro and includes attendance to all sessions, lecture material, access to experts and to ISU’s online Library services. Financial help is available through ISU for applicants from many countries and will be considered once the full application is received.