Communications payload design for very-high-throughput GEO satellites-Placement

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Internship 6 months Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

Uploaded 29 Apr 2020

Job Description

Your mission:

The optical communication group of DLR’s Institute of Communications and Navigation develop experimental laser communication systems for optical data links between airborne carriers such as airplanes or satellites and optical ground stations. The system development covers several disciplines such as optics, mechanics, electronics and programming.

The successful applicant will support our team in the development of optical, photonic and communications systems for very-high-throughput satellite communications applications. Foremost, she/he will perform theoretical analysis and simulation of various techniques to realise analogue and digital signal transmission. Electrical and optical signal distortion analysis would conclude the analytical part, which shall be followed by experimental work on the laboratory prototype, where the relevant system parametres can be verified. Successful laboratory tests would then qualify the setup to be tested by the student with the team in an outdoor testbed.

It is an excellent opportunity to work in a cutting edge topic, gain experience on real optical hardware, and improve your engineering skills.

Your tasks:

  • optical and photonic communications systems design
  • interface definition between feeder- and user-link
  • performance analysis
  • setup of a laboratory demonstrator and performance verification
  • programming of Python or Matlab simulation tools

Person Specification

Your qualifications:

  • study direction of communications, optical or electrical engineering
  • experience with optical and/or electrical (RF) communications technologies
  • experience in optical system design and testing is an advantage
  • interest in satellite optics