PhD in Simulations of Space Weather in the Earth’s Magnetosphere

University of St Andrews

PhD Fixed Term St Andrews, UK

Uploaded 17 May 2020

Job Description

The environment surrounding a planet dominated by its magnetic field (called the magnetosphere) shields the planet from the solar wind. The study of the dynamics of this region, in the terrestrial context, is now known as Space Weather and has its own American Geophysical Union Journal in recognition of its importance. Exactly how the magnetosphere responds to the solar wind and transports mass and energy is a fundamental problem. Understanding these processes on Earth permits a detailed examination through the use of in situ observations from international multi-spacecraft missions such as Cluster and THEMIS, which is also relevant to the magnetospheres of other planets and even neutron stars

Person Specification

Applicants should have should have (or be about to complete) an undergraduate degree and/or taught postgraduate degree in (applied) mathematics or (theoretical) physics. Past experience shows that successful applicants usually have a very good first class degree (or equivalent).