Research Fellow in Multiwavelength Studies of Protoplanetary and Debris Disks

University of Leeds

Postdoctorate Position Fixed Term Leeds, UK

Uploaded 25 Jun 2020

Job Description

The project is STFC-funded and the successful candidate will work with Dr Olja Panic, investigating the properties of stars and circumstellar material in a large study across the pre-main sequence and a range of stellar masses. The researcher will use VLT data for over 250 stars obtained by Dr Panic, to characterise young, previously unknown stars and use the diagnostics for gas accretion and hot dust to analyse how discs evolve around intermediate mass stars (1.5-3.5Msun). The project is the first ever unbiased study on this topic.

The Astronomy Group at the University of Leeds is a vibrant research environment with a focus on Star and (Exo-) Planet Formation, consisting of 8 academics and their research groups. The group of Dr Panic focuses on observational and theoretical studies of protoplanetary, circumplanetary and debris disks, with a special focus on the link between disks and giant planet formation.

Person Specification

You will have a PhD (or you will have submitted your thesis prior to taking up the appointment) in Astrophysics and demonstrated evidence of independent research and research excellence in the area of Star and Planet Formation.