NAVISP PNT Competitiveness Engineer


Direct Entry Job 4 years Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Uploaded 25 Jun 2020

Job Description

NAVISP PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) Competitiveness Engineer

This post is for a limited duration of four years (non-renewable) and is classified in the A2–A4 grade band on the Coordinated Organisations’ salary scale.


The main NAVISP objective is to facilitate the generation of innovative Satellite Navigation/PNT proposals with participating States and their industry, in coordination with the EU and its institutions. The goal of Element 2 is to maintain and improve industry’s capability and competitiveness. The content of Element 2 will consist of activities which have been identified by industry as having a clear potential market in PNT. This element is being implemented through a continuous open call to stimulate unsolicited proposals.
You will report to the Head of NAVISP Element 2 (Industrial Competitiveness Manager), under whose direct responsibility you will support the implementation of industrial competitiveness activities.


In line with NAVISP Declaration and Implementation Rules, your duties will include the following:

1) Ensure the required procurement process execution dynamics:

  • technical assessment of industrial proposals,
  • monitoring and control of procurement process efficiency,
  • post-processing of lessons learnt and proposals for further simplification.

2) Support management of overall contract execution:

  • monitor the technical progress of all industrial competitiveness activities, ensuring up-to-date reporting of their status by designated Technical Officers,
  • manage the technical execution of industrial competitiveness activities,
  • support the technical assessment of industrial competitiveness activity results, collecting relevant recommendations and lessons learnt and exploring options for follow-on developments.

3) Support the setting up and management of NAVISP outreach activities as relevant to industrial competitiveness (e.g. national workshops, industry bilaterals, NAVISP website, etc.).

4) Support the NAVISP Element 2 (industrial competitiveness) Manager, providing assistance with all relevant programmatic actions, such as:

  • reporting to delegate bodies and interaction with other ESA Directorates,
  • coordination with EC/GSA,
  • interaction with industry and external Working Groups,
  • interaction with NAVISP external expert group for orientations and guidelines on specific thematic calls,
  • analysis of industrial ecosystem involved, statistics and assessment,
  • building up of a systematic relationship with industry (questionnaires, etc.),
  • implementation of programme recommendations: enlarge the perimeter of industrial actors to be involved in Element 2, market application trends analysis, exploration of new PNT markets, dedicated calls.


If requested by the Head of the NAVISP Technical Programme Office, some of the above tasks might be carried out to support other NAVISP activities.


Person Specification

Technical competencies

  • Knowledge of PNT innovative technologies, mainly in the user segment
  • Knowledge of PNT market areas, their commercial and regulatory trends, main stakeholders at European and international level
  • Pre commercial product development tasks including testing activities and in field demonstrations
  • Knowledge of business models and business development
  • Experience in industrial procurement, negotiation, industrial activities monitoring and conduct of reviews

Behavioural competencies

  • Results Orientation
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning & Organisation
  • Relationship Management
  • Innovation & Creativity

A Master's degree in an engineering discipline is required, complemented by Business Administration studies.

Additional requirements
You must demonstrate broad technical competence in PNT techniques and technologies, beyond GNSS, and a good understanding of PNT market trends.