Isotope geochemistry, cosmochemistry and planetary science PhD positions

University of Manchester

PhD 3.5 years Manchester, UK

Uploaded 30 Oct 2020

Job Description

6 new STFC DTP funded PhD positions in Isotope geochemistry, cosmochemistry and planetary science, at the University of Manchester Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

These isotope geochemistry, cosmochemistry and planetary science PhD research projects tackle important Earth and planetary sciences questions, and you could be involved.

The University of Manchester are looking for doctoral students to be an active part of the STFC-funded projects listed below. These cover a range of research areas; simply choose the right fit for you and follow the instructions to apply. If you have a project suggestion of your own, you can contact the appropriate research group academic to discuss its feasibility

Projects available:

  • Asteroid 4 Vesta's volatile budget: Halogens in HED meteorites
  • Isotropic tracers of geological processes in soils collected from the Moon
  • Mineral records of magma storage and crystallization on the Moon
  • The age and halogen budget of enigmatic enstatite chondrites
  • The atmospheric evolution of Mars
  • Unravelling shock and alteration processes on Mars using Halogen Geochemistry

Person Specification

Required skills for each project are person specific - follow link to find out more information about academic requirements and funding eligibility.