Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Engineer


Direct Entry Job Permanent Harwell, UK

Uploaded 10 Nov 2020

Job Description

DEIMOS is selecting engineers in a full range of experience (junior and senior) to be integrated in the GNC/AOCS Competence Centre of the Flight Systems Business Unit, to support new growth areas in ImageProcessing and Artificial Intelligence.

The work of the GNC/AOCS Competence Centre is oriented to the design, development, specification and validation of GNC and AOCS systems for a broad range of aerospace and aeronautical platforms. As a matter of reference, DEIMOS activities cover:

  • Satellite formation flying, rendezvous, and active debris removal (ADR)
  • Entry, descent and landing on planets (Earth, Mars) & natural satellites
  • Launch vehicles
  • Planetary exploration and observation and Interplanetary Navigation
  • Unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs, UGVs)

Main Duties:

The following types of responsibilities are envisioned:

  • Development of onboard Image Processing (IP) and Computer Vision (CV) chain elements as part of the GNC/AOCS sub-system making use of optical sensors (camera, lidar, …)
  • Design, implementation, specification and validation of IP/CV solutions for Navigation and Earth-Observation (EO) onboard data processing
  • Development of IP/CV design, analysis and simulation engineering tools
  • Development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based algorithms for IP/CV, as well as other domains, including planning and FDIR

Person Specification


Required: A recognized engineering degree (Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical,
Electronic) or a related degree (e.g. Physics)

Desired: Postgraduate studies (M.Sc or Ph.D) providing a solid background in at least
two of the following:

  • Image processing and computer vision techniques, covering acquisition to postprocessing, including techniques such as Image segmentation and Object tracking
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, including machine learning and deep learning
  • Sensor fusion, filtering and estimation techniques

Professional Experience:

Required: No professional experience required.

Desired: Engineer with at least 2 years of experience in the practical application of the domains relevant to the post (relevant MSc & PhD studies would also be considered).

The position will be tailored to the level of experience and additional industrial experience would be viewed positively.

Technical Requirements:

Required – The following capabilities are required for the post:
• Solid theoretical background in image processing and computer vision, and/or
artificial intelligence
• Good programming skills, at least in C++ or Python

Desired – The following capabilities are desired for the post:
• Solid background on statistics
• Practical experience in image processing and computer vision, and artificial
intelligence, for onboard implementation and for autonomous systems
• Practical experience in IP/CV for Earth Observation
• Experience in ESA/EC programmes is welcome

Language Skills:

Good level of English, spoken and written

Personal Skills:

  • Capability to integrate in and work within a team
  • Initiative, autonomy and self-development
  • Responsibility towards the customer and colleagues
  • Availability to travel and spend time collocated in different DEIMOS branches