Space Radiation Engineer


Part-Time Job 6 months Didcot, UK

Uploaded 14 Dec 2020

Job Description

Astroscale is seeking to employ an experienced and motivated Space Radiation Engineer to work on key projects, which are based in the Harwell, UK offices. The work is foreseen to take place over a 6-month contract but could result in a permanent position at the end of that period.  Flexible working arrangements are available, but regular team working at the UK offices is expected. This is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic and rapidly growing company seeking to make a positive contribution to the growing problem of orbital debris that endangers mankind’s continued use of space as an asset. The candidate will primarily work on UK office based projects, but they may need to interact with teams across Astroscale’s Global Offices as needed in support of Astroscale projects and operations.


  • Setup the appropriate tools to assess the radiation hazards for units on the Astroscale mission, taking into account the location of the units.
  • Determine the radiation environment for relevant units on the craft for the Astroscale mission.
  • Compare the deduced environment against the environmental hardness of each relevant unit. Recommend appropriate mitigation strategies (shielding, unit relocation or other) to help mitigate highlighted units with radiation issues.
  • Iterate radiation analysis based upon your implemented recommendations.
  • Specify the radiation test campaign details for a small number of key units.
  • Support the radiation test campaign, as needed.
  • Ensure compliance with appropriate standards and regulations.

The work is expected to be approximately 2/3 days per week.

Person Specification

Essential Skills

  • Bachelor or master’s degree in a relevant subject (e.g. Physics, Electronics).
  • Good experience in simulating the radiation environment for LEO spacecraft, down to unit level.
  • Excellent understanding of the radiation environment and the different potential hazards to spacecraft units.
  • Excellent understanding of the potential impacts of radiation environment (e.g. SEE, SEU).
  • Familiarity with standards associated with radiation analysis.
  • Good communication skills and experience working as a team on a large project.
  • Be eligible and registered to work within the UK and Europe.

Desired Skills

  • Knowledge of typical units on a satellite design.
  • Understanding of the affect of atomic oxygen of spacecraft units.
  • Experience in viewing CAD models.