Mission Control Software Back-End Engineer

Open Cosmos

Graduate Position Permanent Harwell, UK

Uploaded 4 Feb 2021

Job Description

You will be joining the Open Cosmos software development team where you will be responsible for designing, implementing, testing, delivering and maintaining several of the software modules of one of our core products: OpenApp Mission Control Software. A satellite constellation control software that is used by internal operators and external customers alike, to operate the constellation of multi-customer, multi-satellite  and multi-ground station missions.

Our product is a cloud-native web-based application built with modern technologies (microservices, kubernetes, golang, etc). We work using a DevOps and Agile methodology, where we combine frequent iteration cycles with the responsibility of keeping the application operative. 

This is a unique opportunity within the industry as most mission control softwares for satellites are built with the waterfall methodology and monolithic approaches. We encourage applicants who only have experience in satellite ground segments as well as applicants who only have experience in microservices backends to apply.

Moving forward we will face many challenges that you might help resolve, ranging from new modules such as a scripting solution to allow automation in operations; improve architecture to seemingly support different satellite platforms; increase observability and tracing; or multi-cloud deployments among many others, you will find a project that suits your interests.

Person Specification

  • Experience in at least one of the following:
    • Experience in microservices-based back-end development with Golang.
    • Experience and knowledge of common ground segment and space standards such as CCSDS, ECSS, CSP, Space Packets, etc.
  • Experience in integrating development operations & developer experience tools
  • Commitment and a proactive attitude, always seek continuous improvement
  • Quick to learn and coach others, excited to learn new technologies
  • Be a teamplayer, always speak your mind honestly and respectfully when there is a problem to solve, so that the team discussion is healthy and productive
  • Constantly try to strike a good balance in determining what to build depending on the current context and the company's mission and long term goals