Orbital Demonstration of Industry (ODIN).

Satellite Applications Catapult

Internship 8 weeks Remote, UK

Uploaded 10 Feb 2021

Job Description

Commercial exploitation of space is illustrated by the nascent and rapid growth for In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing (IOSM). As with all new frontiers, being in the vanguard is quintessential if a nation or organisation is to be competitive, and for IOSM technologies and services it is absolutely critical to have a means to demonstrate and validate new concepts. 

The UK is seeking to establish an orbital demonstration outpost capability for industry to access, and the Orbital Demonstration of Industry (ODIN) is conceptual study into the technologies, systems, and services that such an outpost would need to offer. 

ODIN will see a study of UK capabilities in science, technology, and innovation, to determine both what the nation has and what it needs to instigate such an outpost. This study needs to consider both the commercial and technical requirements aligning them to the UK’s key strengths for example in advanced manufacturing and materials. 

The output will be a report with suggestions of approaches that could be taken to construct a facility, along with a list of key partners – organisations who have what it takes to design, construct, and operate an orbital manufacturing facility. 

Person Specification

An individual with a keen interesting in space and commercialization of capabilities. A variety of different backgrounds would suit this role including manufacturing, general engineering, science, and management. The individual needs to be capable of conducting robust and concise research into a variety of different topics, capture the key points and be able to share them in a meaningful way. 

Understanding of the current innovation environment, the drivers of the space industry and the benefits that space offers along with a sense of realism and relevance is key. The candidate will work with New Horizon and other Catapult teams including specialists in robotics, advanced manufacturing, orbital operations, market intelligence and business analytics. Further they will engage with industry and academia, and therefore must be credible and confident in their own abilities. 

Minimum Requirements: 
• Numerate and technology aware 
• Preference for an engineering, science, or commercial background 
• Excellent written English 
• Excellent verbal communication 
• The ability to conduct independent research using a variety of sources 
• Highly computer literate as a minimum with Office packages and internet search engine use 

Preferred Additional Requirements: 
• Driving licence 
• Freedom to visit UK locations