Electric Propulsion Research Fellow

University of Southampton

Postdoctorate Position 18 months Southampton, UK

Uploaded 15 Feb 2021

Job Description

You will work on the development of electrospray thrusters for CubeSat propulsion, pushing the commercial development of the technology. The project, in collaboration with two small company’s, AVS UK and RHP Technology Austria, and with funding from Innovate UK, will work to develop an electrospray thruster based upon the previous work completed at Southampton on this novel CubeSat propulsion technology. Work at Southampton will focus on the design and testing of the electrospray thruster, with the manufacturing of the thruster components completed at the commercial collaborators. 

Person Specification

It is desirable you have experience in designing and testing ion thruster technology, preferably electrospray thrusters, a closely related technology such as ion beam experience, or a demonstrated aptitude for learning new fields of research. In addition, you will have a PhD or equivalent professional qualifications and experience in aerospace engineering, preferably with the field space propulsion, or experimental beam physics. It is desirable that you have experience of operating large vacuum chamber facilities A strong track record of high-quality journal publications would be advantageous.