Research Associate in Planetary Science

University of Manchester

Postdoctorate Position 3 years Manchester, UK

Uploaded 16 Feb 2021

Job Description

A Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) position is available for a planetary scientist to undertake research into the formation and early evolution of the Solar System. The position is in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, under the direction of Dr. Rhian Jones and in collaboration with Drs. Romain Tartèse and David Neave.  You will join a leading research group of planetary scientists and isotope geochemists with expertise in the analysis and interpretation of extra-terrestrial materials. The post is funded by an STFC Planetary Science Consolidated Grant awarded to The University of Manchester.

We seek candidates with an enthusiasm for undertaking studies of meteorites and their record of the early history of the Solar System.  The goal of the project is to investigate the distribution of halogen elements in chondritic meteorites, in order to understand how volatile elements were distributed through early Solar System materials during the epoch of planet formation, ~4.5 billion years ago. Your role will be to conduct petrologic and geochemical analysis of chondritic meteorites and experimental analogues, using advanced electron beam, ion beam and other mass spectrometry techniques.

Person Specification

You should be capable of working independently, collaborating with the research team, and presenting your results in talks and scientific publications, so excellent communication and organisational skills are essential.

You should have (or will soon obtain) a PhD (or equivalent) in Geology, Earth Sciences, Planetary Science or a related discipline, and a publication track record commensurate with your academic experience. You will have experience working with, and undertaking analysis of, geological or extra-terrestrial samples. Preferably, you should have experience in one or more of the analytical techniques that will be used, and/or experimental petrology.