Internship 10 weeks Edinburgh, UK

Uploaded 23 Mar 2021

Job Description

Skyrora’s Student Summer Internship Programme will give you a hands-on experience of working in a company putting the UK back into Space.

Our 10-week paid summer placement will see you contributing to major projects in the development of Skyrora XL, with the opportunity to work alongside field experts within the organisation.


Skyrora offer 1x Business and 2x Engineering summer placements and both are shown below in more detail:

Engineering Internship

You will work on critical launch vehicle development works and receive industry-spec training and skills which you can utilise to excel in your studies upon your return. You will receive assignments and individual projects and will be required to communicate and work alongside subject matter experts to broaden your understanding of engineering in the space industry.

The internship will provide the opportunity to work alongside various teams as part of the development and manufacture of Skyrora’s launch vehicles. We have seen previous interns provide support to the design team in review meetings, learn how to weld, operate an array of machinery, and assist with the testing and launch of vehicles from various sites around Scotland and Europe.

Previous internship student Katie Lockhart travelled to Iceland to launch the Skylark Micro LV to 26km.

Business Internship

You will work to provide input and development at governmental, public, and customer level to develop Skyrora’s economic and social reach in the industry. You will be involved in review meetings and receive training in Brand Identity, Public and Corporate Relations, and Governmental Communication. You will be assigned to projects which shape Skyrora’s place as the UK’s leading launch provider.

Skyrora look for business interns who demonstrate drive and an ability to be confident particularly in relation to networking. A strong candidate for the business internship would be enthusiastic about their role within the company, with an eager-to-learn attitude and an ability to bring fresh ideas to the table

Person Specification

The ideal applicant must have:

  • Actively enrolled in an Undergraduate University Degree programme in a related field for the internship you choose (for the Engineering Internship route, Engineering and Physics degrees are ideal. For the Business Internship, those within various general fields will be considered).
  • The right to live and work in the UK (we will not sponsor work visas for these internships).

Note: We will also accept students who are in their final year.

The ideal applicant should have:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Proven experience of informed decision making based on assessment of relevant information
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Diligence and ability to handle many projects and deadlines at once
  • Some experience in leadership positions and ability to be proactive and demonstrate initiative ‘Black Box’ thinking: can you solve a problem with little to zero input and deduce a solution?