Student Individual Degree Projects with Industry

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Uploaded 2 Apr 2021

Job Description

The scheme has been designed to provide students with space industry experience before graduation, by linking them with space companies for their individual degree project. The scheme is organised by UKSEDS and the Space Universities Network, and is supported by the UK Space Agency.

What is

In the final or penultimate year of your degree you’ll have to complete a lengthy individual project. Often the choice of topics is limited and you might not get something that excites you. Through this scheme, you can apply to do a project proposed by a space company, and get supported throughout by a supervisor from the company.

If you are an employer interested in providing projects to explore new ideas, form links with universities, and get ahead in recruitment, read more on our website.

Benefits for Students

Through a collaboration, you have a lot more to gain compared to a standard project, and will draw on the benefits during and after your degree. It’s part of your degree, plus you get…

Practical experience: try out your ideas and knowledge in a real life project 

New skills: learn how to do work alongside a professional organisation

Professional experience: gain experience that will strengthen your professional profile

Job insights: discover what you might want to work in after graduation and improve your job prospects

Current Projects

Some projects are listed below and more will be added over the next few months. Before you apply, make sure to read all about how the scheme works on the website here.

Space Based Solar Power Orbital Simulations - Space Power - Application deadline: 31st May 2021 (project start by October 2021)

Heat flux sensor for reusable re-entry vehicle - Space Forge - Application deadline: 1st June (project start by October 2021)

Semi-Autonomous collision avoidance for satellite capture system - Space Forge - Application deadline: 1st June (project start by October 2021)

Person Specification

See the adverts on the website for specific requirements related to each project.