Postdoc on Future Small Satellite Technology Research

Aalto University

Postdoctorate Position Varies Helsinki, Finland

Uploaded 2 Apr 2021

Job Description

Development of small satellites has improved space education and boosted space research via easier space access for universities and smaller countries. Rapidly growing space start-ups have accelerated the innovation cycle and invigorated the space economy. On the flip side, rapid launching and experimental designs contribute negatively to increasing space debris problem.

Our solution is to design better, more reliable small satellite missions with deorbiting devices, so that the spacecraft can be removed from orbit after the job is done.

In this position you will design innovative solutions for small spacecraft missions which help to keep satellite size and cost down, but at the same time provide higher reliability. You will work at systems engineering level together with top space science teams in Finland in collaborative missions in the framework of Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space (FORESAIL) and with rapidly growing Finnish New Space startups. You will lead teams, supervise doctoral students and develop new research ideas and research topics.

Person Specification

As a researcher, you have a strong motivation to actively participate in the research team's activities in space technology, instrumentation and remote sensing projects. In addition to a proven track record in scientific work and a relevant PhD degree, you have experience in working with CubeSat or small satellite technology.