SPIN - Engineering Intern


Internship 8 weeks Cardiff, UK

Uploaded 20 Apr 2021

Job Description

Company Description:

Space Forge is leading the clean industrial revolution by harnessing the space environment. We are transforming return from orbit to deliver revolutionary experiments and products, for the benefit of humanity. Our satellites will manufacture next generation super materials in space for return to Earth to be used to help move to low carbon technologies.

Project Description: 

Space Forge are developing returnable in-orbit manufacturing satellites. We have a core group of engineers who are developing the systems, thermal, mechanical, electrical and operational designs of the satellite and associated systems. We are looking for an intern who can fit into our current team and will assist with the engineering, operations and analysis of our drop test campaigns that will occur during the summer of 2021 to test the landing sequence of our returnable satellite. The intern will be assisting the engineering team with the running of these drop tests, both in the engineering of the systems under test and the operations of the tests. During this project the applicant will learn about: ● Space hardware engineering process ● High altitude drop testing ● Working with engineering teams ● Working in a hardware startup environment

Person Specification

Space Forge is looking for someone who:

  • Is willing and able to learn new skills rapidly via online research and self experimentation
  • Has passion for the space and green technology sectors ● Is studying an engineering or physics related course
  • Is happy with all stages of engineering including designing systems behind a desk, building prototypes in the lab and testing in the field.
  • Ability to work effectively both individually and in small teams
  • Able to write coherent reports and manuals to help others understand their work
  • Capable of self-managing time and working to a deadline
  • Being comfortable working in person and remotely with diverse teams
  • Able to act responsibly and safely in the working environment

Minimum Requirements:

  • Are studying or just completed a science-based degree
  • Is eligible to work in the UK without a visa

Preferred Additional Requirements:

  • Someone who is willing to get their feet wet
  • Experience in building hardware
  • Experience with high altitude ballooning
  • Experience in CAD modelling and additive manufacture

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