Research Fellow (Atom Interferometry Navigation)

University of Birmingham

Fellowship 2 years Birmingham, UK

Uploaded 14 Jul 2021

Job Description

Summary of Role

The role holder is expected to be the driving force behind the realisation of a high-bandwidth atom interferometer gravity sensor. This project will be in close collaboration with company partners and the ability to work across disciplines and under Non-Disclosure Agreement will be expected. You will be working in a team and have the opportunity to gain leadership experience with PhD and master students. This is a fascinating opportunity to create a profile in navigation sensors and explore operation on different platforms. The role holder will:
• Work within UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Timing and contribute to writing bids for related funding
• Operate within Atom Interferometry
• Design, build and operate advanced precision measurement devices in cold atoms
• Analyse and interpret research findings and results
• Contribute to licensing or spin out deals with demonstrated commercial success (such as revenues, asset or company sales, IP generated) and/or public and industry’s understanding of the discipline

Main Duties

The responsibilities will include:
• Develop and build instruments to meet the requirement of research projects
• Collect research data; this may be through a variety of research methods, such as scientific experimentation, literature reviews, and research interviews
• Analyse and interpret data
• Apply knowledge in a way which develops new intellectual understanding
• Disseminate research findings for publication, research seminars etc
• Supervise students on research related work and provide guidance to PhD students where appropriate to the discipline
• Contribute to developing new models, techniques and methods
• Develop research objectives and proposals for own or joint research, with assistance of a mentor if required
• Contribute to writing bids for research funding
• Undertake management/administration arising from research
• Contribute to Departmental/School research-related activities and research-related administration
• Contribute to enterprise, business development and/or public engagement activities of manifest benefit to the College and the University, including University open days, often under supervision of a project leader
• Present research outputs, including drafting academic publications or parts thereof, for example at seminars and as posters
• Provide guidance, as required, to support staff and any students who may be assisting with the research
• Deal with problems that may affect the achievement of research objectives and deadlines
• Collaborate with research partners across the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Timing consortium

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The UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Timing is a collaborative endeavour between over 10 academic, research organisations and more than 200 industry partners. Our mission is to translate state-of-the-art quantum sensing research into practical devices along a pathway to economic and societal benefit. We are using our past and current collaborative grant portfolio of £150M to drive quantum sensors towards an application roadmap with £4bn/year market potential and an anticipated impact on over 10% of the world economy. We are looking at increasing our highly motivated team at the interface between physics and engineering to open up novel commercial opportunities in oil, minerals and transport.

Person Specification

We expect a PHD or near completion, or equivalent, in Experimental Physics or a closely related discipline
• Experience in cold atom experimentation
• Expertise in optical systems engineering
• Experience in instrumentation using electronics, atoms and lasers
• Track record of delivery in projects building hardware
• Track record of delivering good work
• Ability to work efficiently in a demanding environment, embracing change and opportunities
• High level analytical capability
• Ability to work around problems and find creative solutions
• Ability to keep accurate records of research results and activity
• Ability to communicate complex information clearly
• Ability to assess resource requirements and use resources effectively
• Understanding of and ability to contribute to broader management/administration processes
• Contribute to the planning and organising of the research programme and/or specific research project
• Co-ordinate own work with others, across UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Timing, to avoid conflict or duplication of effort