External Communications Manager


Volunteer Role Permanent Online, UK

Uploaded 23 Aug 2021

Job Description

Our organisation

As the UK’s national student space society, we support students and young professionals across the country by running events, providing resources, and teaching new skills. Joining UKSEDS is the best way to get involved in the space sector as a student. You’ll gain all sorts of skills and experience, and have the chance to work with lots of space organisations and members of the community. Most importantly, you’ll get to work with other like-minded students to achieve something incredible, and have fun while you do! 

Role description

As part of the newly established operations team, you’ll find yourself acting as an intermediary between the executive committee and other UKSEDS volunteers.

As external communications manager, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Maintaining regular communications with corporate sponsors;
  • Leading the search for new sponsors for our events, and maintaining good relationships with current sponsors;
  • Leading the search for new speakers for our events, and maintaining good relationships with current ones;
  • Responding to general enquiries or assigning them to their appropriate people within the UKSEDS team;
  • Leading the writing of stakeholder updates and infographics.

The process

Applications will close on 19th September 2021. Following that, there will be one round of interviews on Google Meet with shortlisted applicants, with other interview methods available if you require them. 

Volunteering with us

UKSEDS is run by 100+ volunteers from all across the UK. None of us are paid, but we all want to make a difference. We work remotely, communicating through Slack and holding online meetings on Google Meet. For this role, you will be expected to dedicate around 8-10 hours per week. Alongside working, there are opportunities to chat informally with other volunteers and join online social events.

Diversity and inclusion

Our aims to educate and develop young people contribute to our vision of a growing and diverse workforce in the UK space sector. Everyone brings their own unique viewpoint and ideas to our team which enables us to work towards this vision together. When you’re working with us, we’re keen to ensure you’re comfortable by facilitating any extra measures you might need, and to provide you with opportunity after opportunity to develop yourself.

Person Specification

We’re looking for someone who is comfortable working remotely, is highly motivated, and works well in a team environment. Working with UKSEDS should be something that you enjoy doing. We don’t need you to be studying a STEM degree, all you need is an interest in space! 

If at any point, for any reason, you can’t do the role, that’s fine. We are students too, and we appreciate that exams, deadlines, and life often get in the way of volunteer roles like these. We will work with you to deal with these issues.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent planning and time-keeping skills
  • Good commercial awareness
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Able to quickly research various topics and people
  • Good creative thinking skills
  • Comfortable with working remotely
  • Be a member of UKSEDS (it is free - ukseds.org/join) [To be eligible to volunteer you must be over 18 and be studying or working at a UK-based institution or have been in the last 3 years]


  • Confident with GoogleSuite, especially Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel