Engineering Division Member

Asteria: Space and Satellites

Volunteer Role Varies Edinburgh, UK

Uploaded 21 Sep 2021

Job Description

Comprising of Engineering, Physics, Informatics students, the Engineering Division is constituted of three teams. The Space Engineering team has the responsibility to implement the scientific mission, clearly determine the technical requirements of the mission’s platform, and develop and integrate the required systems. The Software team has the crucial role to design and implement the software systems needed to fulfil the scientific mission, track and communicate with the payload in-flight and operate the hardware to be capable of handling unpredictable conditions. The Communication team deals with the design and development of communication equipment and systems, including the ground stations.

Person Specification


  • Engineering/ Computer Sciences/Physics background 
  • Excellent understanding of Mechanics and Mathematics 
  • Independent research skills 
  • Willingness to explore new topics, ask questions, and express 
  • Programming skills (ie Python, C, MATLAB)


  • Exposure to Finite Element Analysis

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