Science Division Member

Asteria: Space and Satellites

Volunteer Role Varies Edinburgh, Online, UK

Uploaded 21 Sep 2021

Job Description

Comprising of Physics, GeoSciences and Informatics students, the Scientific Division is constituted of two teams. The Scientific Mission team has the responsibility to develop tailored scientific mission purpose, criteria and requirements, ensure mission’s technical feasibility and relevance of applications, and data processing. The Orbits team has the crucial role to provide full orbital mechanics support during the whole mission, from the design phase to post-launch, as well as performing tasks related to orbit determination, trajectory design, maneuver design and propulsion assessment.

Person Specification


  • Physics/GeoSciences/Chemistry/Computer Sciences/Engineering background 
  • Excellent understanding of Physics (particularly important, Newtonian Mechanics and Optics) and Mathematics 
  • Independent research skills 
  • Willingness to explore new topics, ask questions, and express opinions 

Optional, depending on the team you would like to join:

Scientific Mission Team:

  • Excellent understanding of the principles on which optical systems work 
  • Basic understanding of chemical and/or biological processes 
  • Basic coding knowledge (Python) 
  • Previous experience working in the nanotechnology sector

Orbits Team:

  • Good understanding of orbital mechanics 
  • Moderate coding knowledge or knowledge of GMAT for orbital simulations

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