Manufacturing Engineer

Space Forge

Direct Entry Job Permanent Remote, UK

Uploaded 12 Oct 2021

Job Description

Space Forge is transforming return from space to deliver revolutionary experiments and products, for the benefit of humanity.

We are developing an end-to-end service for a satellite that can be launched into orbit, manufacture new materials, return independently, then be recovered, refurbished and relaunched. We have a core team of highly qualified engineers who are developing the key technologies simultaneously. We are in need of a Manufacturing Engineer to develop and implement a range of manufacturing solutions to achieve our goal.

The primary roles for this job are:

  • Review and ensure the design definition and specification requirements are understood, verified and recorded.
  • Put in place the right activities to ensure production readiness of the product and manufacturing process at the required production rate and quality.
  • Implement the Manufacturing Plan in terms of the content, sequence, methods and timing to build development and production items.
  • Develop the manufacturing production processes, tools, and facilities so that the design can be fabricated and assembled consistently, in full compliance with the design requirements at the quoted production rate, cost and timescale.
  • Assist Space Forge in gaining ISO 9001 certification.
  • Contribute to the Manufacturing Readiness Gate Reviews and the Engineering Development Gate Reviews.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Derive, maintain, track and report progress on the manufacturing development plan to achieve the deliverables and key milestones on time, within budget and quality.
  • Generate manufacturing drawing packs and associated Bill of Materials (BoM).
  • Input on the Process Map for the manufacturing process.
  • Review the design failure modes and effects analysis (DFMEA) and assist with the process failure modes and effects analysis (PFMEA).
  • Generate the Control plan (including test/inspection criteria) based on the PFMEA.
  • Define the manufacturing processes for development and production items.
  • Assist with the first article inspection report (FAIR) of all involved products (material, component, unit or assembly).
  • Derive the factory acceptance test (FAT) plan with the design team, implement the FAT inspection station, conduct the FAT testing and capture the results.
  • Create innovative processes to improve efficiency.
  • Identifying and implementing continuous improvement processes.
  • Design, verify and commission any special tooling required as identified by the process specifications and work instructions.
  • Create the packaging, labelling, storage and transportation standards, procedures and documentation.
  • Implement the hazardous material disposal plan.

A typical day:

  • Gather evidence of compliance, results and corrective actions with the developing/developed production solution.
  • Communicate and actively take part in root cause analysis of Quality Management and production issues to key stakeholders such as designers and suppliers. Improve processes and employee training as necessary.
  • Capture the dimensional results collected during the production process run.
  • Capture the material and performance test results during the production run.
  • Capture the process control surveillance results.
  • Capture production costs.
  • Reduce waste in the production process.

Person Specification


The Space Forge team is deliberately made from individuals who are adaptable and willing to learn new skills quickly. Therefore we are looking for engineers who are willing and able to adapt to the requirements asked of them whilst maintaining a good level of technical quality. Additionally, as a start-up, staff are sometimes asked to assist with duties beyond their nominal job description and we are looking for candidates who are happy to step up and try something new when needed.

Desirable Technical skills:

  • Experience in creating a production document suite for manufacturing and control.
  • Experience working with small to large-sized manufacturing facilities for the production of high-performance equipment to international standards.
  • Experience in developing and delivering on quality control processes.
  • Experience in Lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Capable of introducing new engineering, machines and processes including creation of SOPs.
  • An understanding of a wide range of manufacturing processes (including key alloy and composite).
  • Experience in health and safety management
  • Experience with Electronics Production
  • Ideally experience in the manufacture of space flight equipment and knowledge of the European Space Standards Coordination (ECSS)

Some key soft skills sought are listed below:

  • Able to communicate with teams working both in and out of the office
  • Able to communicate professionally with customers, suppliers and external stakeholders
  • Resilient and adaptable to technical and non-technical roadblocks, as many are expected
  • Able to communicate efficiently with the manufacturing, design and operations teams of Space Forge

We are looking for people who are willing to work hard, think logically, have high energy levels, respect others’ abilities and ultimately have an unending appetite to learn a large number of new skills quickly. Space Forge is committed to making super-powered teams of diverse individuals in all senses of the term, therefore women are strongly encouraged to apply and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds.