Astrodynamics Software Engineer

Lumi Space

Direct Entry Job Permanent South East, UK

Uploaded 8 Nov 2021

Job Description

A great opportunity to join a fast growing space industry start-up, and to make a real impact in the future of space. At Lumi, we are developing space lasers to make the satellite industry more sustainable. We're looking for engineers that bring creative, alternative methods that aren't always used but that bring objective advantages.

The role will involve:

  • Precisely modelling the orbits of satellites and space debris from a range of data sources
  • Simulation and analysis of time-domain data series
  • Building robust databases (relational and transactional)
  • Data fusion and uncertainty modeling (potentially including Gaussian processes)
  • Robust data analysis pipeline development
  • Front end development - data visualisation and UI/UX
  • API tools for scraping, gathering and also for presenting data


Lumi Space is on a mission to develop the world’s first commercial satellite laser ranging network and service to enable a sustainable future in space.

Person Specification


  • Degree in Physics, Maths, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering or similar
  • Demonstrated experience with astrodynamics, orbit prediction and modeling, visualisation and shared codebase development
  • Strong user of Python, Git, SQL, relational databases or equivalent alternative technology stacks
  • Strong background in classical mechanics, astrodynamics, mathematical and computational modeling, optimisation or software engineering
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills


  • PhD in relevant field
  • Experience working with institutional customers and academic partners