UKSEDS Regional Coordinator for North and East of England


Volunteer Role Fixed Term Online, UK

Uploaded 12 Nov 2021

Job Description

As a UKSEDS Regional Coordinator, you will be working with our membership team to ensure that we are always in communication with our branches. You will be the dedicated contact point for several branches in the North and East of England, helping them to communicate their concerns and access resources and opportunities.

Activities will include:

  • Helping branches with funding applications
  • Providing administration and organisation advice
  • Contacting them with potential opportunities
  • Assisting with publicity and social media strategy.

As a regional coordinator, you will also help branches to get involved with UKSEDS by attending and participating in our events, as well as with each other through helping organise collaborative regional events.

To ensure that branches feel supported and to keep track of how we can improve the help that we provide, you will also be conducting regular reviews with each branch to evaluate their progress in a number of categories. Membership numbers and engagement, events hosted, social media presence, local volunteering, engagement with UKSEDS, and diversity will all be important considerations. During and after these review meetings you will work with branches to set targets for the coming months and identify key areas in which UKSEDS can provide support.

As a regional coordinator, you will also play an important role during the affiliation of new branches and at the end of the academic year, when a branch hands over to a new committee. As part of the affiliation process, you will meet with the new branch’s leader and the Membership Team Lead to outline your relationship with the branch and how you will be able to provide support. When a committee handover takes place, you will meet with the new committee to reiterate these points, and ensure that the working relationship with the previous committee is continued.

The process

Applications will close on the 22nd November. Following that, there will be one round of interviews on Google Meet with shortlisted applicants, with other interview methods available if you require them.

Person Specification

We’re looking for someone who is comfortable working remotely, is highly motivated, and works well in a team environment. Working with UKSEDS should be something that you enjoy doing. We don’t need you to be studying a STEM degree, all you need is an interest in space! 

If at any point, for any reason, you can’t do the role, that’s fine. We are students too, and we appreciate that exams, deadlines, and life often get in the way of volunteer roles like these. We will work with you to deal with these issues.


  • Comfortable with working remotely
  • Be a member of UKSEDS (it is free - [To be eligible to volunteer you must be over 18 and be studying or working at a UK-based institution or have been in the last 3 years]


  • Experience with UKSEDS branches and how they operate
  • Experience in a leadership position or demonstrated proactive thinking
  • Demonstrated communication skills