Project Engineer


Direct Entry Job Permanent Manchester, UK

Uploaded 28 Nov 2021

Job Description

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About the Role

  • The PE will be responsible for optimising the manufacture of A6-size graphene thermal adaptive tile (ATT) compatible with space applications moving the technology readiness level (TRL) from 4 to 5-6.
  • The PE will specifically focus on the scientific and technical development of the devices. Supported by the COO and by the Scientific Director she/he will be responsible for creating a robust framework of operational processes, tools, KPIs and metrics to ensure that there is a rigorous procedure for converting the existing demonstrator device into a minimum viable product demonstrator to be integrated in space applications.
  • The PE will collaborate with all the technical team of the involved project partners (Higgs Centre Edinburgh, RAL, Department of Department of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering of the University of Manchester, Thales Alenia Space) by attending technical meetings and discussions and plan new product development routes;
  • The PE will be responsible to deliver devices which will undergo testing specific to space applications as well as other hash conditions. He/she will need to ensure that these will be manufactured following the following criteria:

      -Respect of lead time;
      -Understanding of the previous tests results and iterative manufacture and
        performance improvement;
      -H&S requirements;
      -Optical characterization;
      -Electronic circuit design and testing;
  • The PE will be working hard to delivering a prototype that is ready to be tested in space supported by project collaborators and subcontractors.
  • The PE will produce and update a compliance strategy plan and execution for satellite applications and validation test results;
  • The PE will work on electric integration of multiples tile together to cover larger area;
  • The PE will collaborate with GEIC coordinating the graphene manufacture plan with the involved CVD specialists and will have regular meetings and discussions around the material parameters and lead times;
  • The PE might be required to receive training in CVD graphene production, as well as other technical training courses.
  • The PE will be supporting the COO with H&S lab procedures, including filling RA, COSHH and making sure they comply with GEIC regulations;
  • The PE will assist the COO with contacting suppliers, monitoring regularly lab consumables, materials and stocks to arrange deliveries on time and ensure devices delivered on time for testing/other.
  • The PE will ensure production of monthly progress reports facilitating and coordinating progress meetings;
  • As required, the PE will support the rest of the team in presentations to commercial partners or investors or other funding bodies providing operational and technical information to support the commercial and financial propositions.

Person Specification

Essential Skills and Qualifications

• Postgraduate qualification in Physics / Chemistry/ Materials Science or other related
• Entrepreneurial approach to product development with sensitivity to and
understanding of commercial issues.
• Experience of strategic planning.
• Understanding of issues impacting on new product development in a fast-moving
• Knowledge of electronic circuit, testing.
• Knowledge of computer programming and instrumentation.
• Knowledge of manufacturing and supply-chain activities;
• Understanding and experience of test compliance/ standardisation issues.
• Strong interpersonal and presentational skills.
• Ability to work within a team.
• Candidate must be eligible to live and work in the UK (ideally 5+ years residency in the

Main Interfaces

• COO, Scientific Directors and other part-time engineers.
• Customers and development partners (principally technical and operational contacts).
• GEIC specialists/other personnel;
• UoM academic supporting technical development;
• Other space organisations (Thales Alenia Space, other…)
• Suppliers.

None Essential But Useful Experience

• Previous experience in thermal management applications for space.
• Electronic Engineering background;
• It would be advantageous if the PE had existing knowledge of the UoM’s graphene
technology portfolio, associated IP

Key Performance Indications

• Development of an evaluation system for the technical viability of a product
demonstrator and is consistency with space standards;


If you are interested in this role, then please contact Dr. Margherita Sepioni and Prof. Coskun Kocabas at the following e-mail addresses: 

[email protected]
[email protected]
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