Software Engineer

AmbaSat Ltd

Part-Time Job Varies Remote, UK

Uploaded 30 Nov 2021

Job Description

AmbaSat Ltd design and manufacture Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space satellite kits which contain all the components needed to build a miniature space satellite. Kits can also include an affordable rocket launch programme. 

The 'AmbaSat-1 Satellite' product is designed to promote science, technology, mathematics, engineering and environmental studies amongst school pupils, university students and other aspiring scientists. The product is available in two forms:

  1. AmbaSat-1 DIY Space Satellite Kit: A DIY satellite development kit, the components of the kit are produced by AmbaSat in-house and they are assembled and coded by the user.
  2. Assembled Space Satellite: This is a full, pre-assembled version of the satellite which requires some basic coding knowledge by the end user.

A rocket launch programme is available for those wishing to launch their satellite into LEO.

Person Specification

AmbaSat is seeking an experienced Software Engineer to develop embedded software for use in the AmbaSat product range. Phase 1 of the work is expected to take approximately 2 months. 

The role is initially on a contract basis and will require the candidate to develop code for reading AmbaSat-1 sensor data. Skills required include: 

  • Development of embedded code for the onboard microcontroller (ATMEGA 328P-AU)
  • Use of the Visual Studio Code (VSC) IDE & C/C++
  • PlatformIO plugin for VSC
  • Experience of interfacing with devices on the I2C bus 
  • Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer code development (LSM9DS1)
  • Development of sensor code (GPS, Gas, CO2, temperature, humidity, UV light, GPS, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) ambient light, etc)
  • Familiarity with GitHub

Knowledge of the following would also be advantageous: 

  • Radio transceiver and communications (LoRaWAN and The Things Network)
  • Onboard camera communications and image capturing
  • Solar cell power (analysis and performance)
  • Satellite board design (Eagle/CAD)
  • ARM-based coding for the onboard microcontroller of AmbaSat-2

AmbaSat's satellites are used to measure and monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, Co2, gas, pressure and ambient light and provide the end-user with an educational tool for studying the environmental impact of gases, radiation, global warming etc. 

This is an exciting and varied opportunity which is suitable for an enthusiastic individual who is looking for a career in the Space industry. 

Application process: Please send us your CV using the attached form. We will be in touch via email to Shortlist Candidates.