Membership Secretary


Volunteer Role Permanent remote, Europe Wide

Uploaded 19 Dec 2021

Job Description

As an intern with the Access Space Alliance you have a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the interactions between world-leading companies in the space and small satellite sectors as they work towards common goals and push for progress in their respective fields. This role allows you to gain insight into the pressing issues space companies are facing and enables you to develop your commercial awareness and understanding of the sector. Typical activities include: 

  • Managing the ambassador scheme – liaising with each of our national representatives to disseminate information and updates from their countries with the wider membership.
  • Organising and managing ASA events and activities including regular committee and members’ meetings as well as conferences and public webinars to promote NewSpace and exciting developments in the field.
  • Maintaining and developing the ASA website to provide updates to members and the public on our activities.
  • Communicating and building relationships with potential members to discuss the benefits the Alliance can provide and to foster exciting new collaborations – helping the Alliance to grow.
  • Getting involved with and managing the activities of our five committees (Lunar Development, Finance, Space Law & Regulatory, Free Space Optical Communications and CubeSats & NanoSats); compiling contributions to white papers, reviewing and drafting proposals and position papers and organising meetings, discussions and presentations.
  • Composing reports, social media updates and blog posts on key issues and exciting developments within the sector.
  • Developing the ASA Membership.
  • Working as part of an international team.

Person Specification

-Independent worker 

-Curious about the new space sector


-Good English written and spoken