Infrastructure Engineer

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Direct Entry Job Permanent Harwell, UK

Uploaded 13 Jan 2022

Job Description

Job Title: Infrastructure Engineer
Salary: £25,702 to £34,709 per annum (depending on skills and experience)
Plus an additional generic role-based allowance up to £2000 per annum
Location: Rutherford Appleton laboratory Harwell, Oxfordshire
Hours: Full time
Contract Type: Permanent 
Close Date: 30th January 2022


The UK has invested £99m in the National Satellite Test Facility (NSTF), in construction at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Harwell, Oxfordshire. This facility, along with the existing facilities, will provide a world class set of co-located facilities for the final integration and testing of space payloads and satellites used for Earth Observation, Astronomy or even to explore other astronomical bodies such as the Moon, or Mars. The facilities will have the capability to conduct Vibration, Acoustic, Thermal, Pyroshock, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Antenna testing within clean room conditions to ensure that they can survive both the journey into space and the harsh environment within it.

The NSTF is currently in construction, will become operational in 2022 and be fully open to customers in 2023. 

Job Description

We are looking for one Infrastructure Engineer and one Junior Infrastructure Engineer to work within the RAL Space Environmental Test Division. Both roles will involve working as part of a small team to support the operation of the existing and future infrastructure. The current facilities, spread across two buildings, include multiple cleanrooms, fixed cranes and mobile handling equipment and the new NSTF facilities will expand that offering. You will be split between working in a cleanroom environment and an office or light industrial environment, depending on the task at hand.

STFC has a centralised maintenance function who will perform scheduled and reactive maintenance on the vast majority of the building systems required to operate the facilities. You will work closely with them to ensure maintenance is scheduled at a time where disruption of services provided to users is minimised, and to ensure they have appropriate and safe access to the areas they need. Where other maintenance services are required these are arranged using third party contractors.

You will work within a well-defined Quality Management System (QMS), which places specific requirements on record keeping and the regularity of tasks. Therefore, attention to detail and dedication to see a task though to the end is paramount. 

The Infrastructure team is required to cover the core operating hours of the facilities, 08:00 to 18:00 5 days a week so you will need to adopt a flexible working pattern to ensure that customer requirements can be met within this time. Occasionally, additional coverage is required to support maintenance or breakdowns. Where this can’t be accommodated within a flexible working pattern overtime may be offered at the discretion of management.

Due to the nature of the role there may be a requirement for on-call support once you are suitably experienced in the systems and procedures followed. When this is required, an additional payment is made to compensate.

The duties and responsibilities are as follows:

Cleanroom operation:

  • Perform measurements of cleanroom parameters as part of a contamination control program
  • Perform measurements of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) performance
  • Perform general cleanroom housekeeping including replenishing supplies, cleanliness audits and safety audits
  • Operate a stock control system for clean room consumables and order as appropriate
  • Support the movement of items under test, such as instruments and satellites, between facilities.

General building and logistics support:

  • Assist in accepting deliveries and movement within the building of large items utilising forklifts and cranes
  • Liaise with STFC Estates Maintenance teams, internal projects and test campaigns to plan servicing of plant, arranging shutdowns for works to be carried out
  • Provide short safety briefings for contractors and users of the facilities
  • Carry out portable appliance testing as required.

Personal skills and attributes:

  • A strong customer focus, with excellent communication skills
  • Dedication, self-motivation, positive demeanour, fulfilling commitments
  • Able to multi-task and prioritise workload.

Person Specification

Personal specification

The following criteria for the band C Junior Infrastructure Engineer will be assessed at either shortlisting (S), interview (I), or both (S&I): 

  • Demonstrable dedication to safe working (I)
  • Experience of use of multiple software packages, including Word, Excel (S&I)
  • Good logistical skills and resource management (S&I)
  • Ability to produce basic technical and safety risk assessments in-line with legislation (S&I)
  • Demonstrated teamwork and collaboration skills (I)
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal (I)
  • Ability to follow written procedures and produce relevant documentation (S&I)
  • Experience in the supervision of contractors. (S&I)

Additionally, for the band D Infrastructure Engineer you will have:

  • Good understanding of building services and infrastructure (S&I)
  • Ability to produce technical procedures in line with the Quality System requirements (S&I)
  • Ability to train and support team members in the use of technical procedures (I)
  • Ability to perform basic data analysis in Excel utilising existing processes and modifying those processes where required (I)
  • Ability to produce sophisticated technical and safety risk assessments in-line with legislation and review assessments produced by others (S&I)
  • Experience in the management of staff and contractors. (I)


  • Previous experience of working within cleanrooms would be an advantage (I)
  • Good technical understanding of building services and infrastructure would be an advantage (S&I)
  • Forklift truck / crane / IPAF 3A & 3B license would be an advantage but not crucial as long as you have an ability to learn if necessary (I).