Inmarsat Technology Development Programme


Graduate Position 2 years London, UK

Uploaded 28 Nov 2016

Job Description


Inmarsat is offering an amazing opportunity for STEM-related graduates to work for the world’s leading global mobile satellite communications company.

Our two-year Technology Development Programme (TDP) is designed to challenge and enrich, establishing you alongside some of the leading engineers in the space industry – and includes the offer of a permanent job with Inmarsat on its successful completion. You will gain invaluable experience and be given the opportunity to contribute to real satellite engineering programmes.

We are committed to supporting and enabling enthusiastic, forward-thinking individuals to become part of our next generation of world class engineers and scientists.


The Inmarsat Technology Development Programme offers regular rotations, tailored where possible to your strengths and interests. You will have the chance to work in some of our specialised teams, such as:

  • Space system development
  • System architecture and strategy
  • Service and network engineering
  • Spectrum optimisation
  • Cloud virtualisation
  • Satellite operations

Rotations are conducted on a regular basis. To ensure you are continuously supported throughout the programme, you will be assigned a mentor outside of line management.

This role will be mainly based in London, but there may be opportunities to work in one of our international engineering offices, based in Europe or the USA.

After the two year rotation period, you will move into a permanent position that suits your continual development. We offer a highly competitive salary plus strong employee benefits.

Person Specification

Minimum 2:1 undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject, e.g. Computer Science, Engineering (Aeronautical, Electrical or Mechanical), Physics, Mathematics or Technology.

Engineering degrees are highly desired. All STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects will be considered.


To apply the 2017/18 Inmarsat Technology Development Programme (start date around September 2017), we would like you to provide an answer to the following question:

Through a catastrophic publishing error, all the spaces between the words in a book have disappeared. We would like you to design a process to turn the resultant long text string back into meaningful sentences. For example, the output of your process should produce “This is an example test string.” from the input “Thisisanexampleteststring.”

To help you, you can assume there exists a function or sub-process “isAWord” which takes as input a text string and produces as output a Boolean truth value depending on whether the word appears in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The format of your response is up to you and could be a state machine, systems diagram, logical expression, pseudocode or even code snippets! However it is important that you describe the key aspects of your process and any special cases you need to account for. You don’t need to worry about the condition where the same string could produce multiple equally valid sentences.

Applications will close on 31 January 2017.