AIT (Assembly, Integration & Test) Intern

Open Cosmos

Internship 6 months Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, UK

Uploaded 15 Jun 2022

Job Description

Building and testing our satellites is at the heart of an AIT Technicians job - awesome right?!

You will support our ongoing AIT campaigns not only by assembling satellite parts, but also by supporting prototyping and modifications of electronics boards and harnesses.

Our satellites need to be able to survive in space with minimal input from the ground so functional and environmental testing are key to success!

You will also support aspects relating to quality and stock management, keeping clear and appropriate documentation. Throughout all stages you are engaging with colleagues from the AIT department.

Person Specification

  • You’ll use your skills of mechanical and electrical assemblies, which might come from hobbies or university projects.
  • You have fine motor skills which are the base to learn soldering, crimping and assembling delicate components.
  • Your background in aerospace, mechanical, electrical or software engineering gives you the necessary understanding of what you’re doing and allows you to take on more challenging tasks.
  • You’ll be pro-active and curious in your approach to work, always looking for more effective ways of doing things