Electromagnetics Test Engineer

UKRI - UK Research and Innovation

Direct Entry Job Permanent Didcot, UK

Uploaded 23 Jun 2022

Job Description

The Test Engineers will carry out EMC testing and antenna measurements of satellites and payloads in the NSTF.  You will also support RF, microwave and millimetre-wave integration and test activities in other projects in RAL Space such as millimetre-wave receivers for MetOp-SG instruments, using RF and microwave test equipment such as spectrum analysers, power meters, frequency counters, signal generators, and vector network analysers.

As a satellite progresses through a measurement campaign in the NSTF you will have opportunities to work alongside other staff in the Environmental Test Division (ETD) performing vibration, acoustic and thermal vacuum testing and maintaining clean room infrastructure.

Test Engineers will work closely with the RAL Space Quality Assurance team to ensure that the facilities are operated and maintained to the relevant standards. 

Detailed duties and responsibilities:

  • To set-up, operate, analyse and report on EMC, antenna measurement testing and perform RF, microwave and millimetre-wave integration and test of space hardware
    • Working to the relevant standards and procedures
    • Working in ESD controlled and cleanroom conditions
    • Working with the test team and internal and external customers
  • To work with customers to set-up their test items (satellites) and the associated ground support equipment
  • To monitor and operate test facility equipment
    • Ensuring technical performance
    • Implementing maintenance and calibration plans
  • To be responsible for the safe operations
    • Ensuring Health and Safety standards, STFC codes & policies are followed
    • Follow risk assessments for facilities as well as specific test campaigns
  • Identify and recommend possible improvements in efficiency or quality at any stage of the integration and test processes

Successful applicants will have the exciting opportunity to play a key role not only in the integration and test of the flight hardware but also to characterise a new EMC and antenna measurement facility, develop processes and procedures and your own skills and apply these to equipment destined for Earth orbit or beyond.

Person Specification


  • Proven practical skills in one or more of the following fields or closely related fields:
    • EMC testing
    • Antenna measurements
    • RF/microwave integration and test
  • Experience of working in a technical environment to defined procedures and standards.
  • Broad technical understanding of EMC and/or RF/microwave test techniques including the typical technologies used in operation.
  • Responsible approach to health and safety
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Excellent verbal communication skills


  • Significant experience of test facility operation in a related technical field.
  • Experience of working under quality assurance practices.  Experience of EN9100 or ECSS-Q-ST-20-07C would be a significant advantage.
  • Deep technical understanding of the technologies used in EMC test and/or antenna measurements and/or RF/microwave testing.
  • Experience of EMC standards such as MIL-STD-461 and/or ECSS-E-ST-20-07C or antenna measurement standards would be a significant advantage.