Space Training - Pangaea and Caves


Internship 3 months Cologne, Germany

Uploaded 11 Mar 2018

Job Description

CAVES (Cooperative Adventure for Valuing and Exercising human behaviour and performance Skills) and PANGAEA (Planetary ANalogue Geological and Astrobiological Exercise for Astronauts) are two EAC activities developed within the scope of future Human and Robotic Exploration.

CAVES is a multidisciplinary and multicultural exploration mission in a cave. The expedition recreates situations that are spaceflight analogue in terms of perception of risk, crew composition, isolation and confinement. At the same time, it provides a real opportunity for spaceflight-like operations, science, equipment testing, and exploration, in preparation for future planetary endeavours. During the CAVES expeditions, different technologies for cave mapping, navigation, underground communication and documentation have been tested, and several scientific experiments focused on the peculiar subsurface environment have been performed.

PANGAEA is a geological field training course that develops observational and decisional skills in identifying prominent geological features on field, conducting efficient sampling and reporting correctly to the ground the observations gathered during the field activity. The course involves the use of technological tools for sampling and scientific analysis on field, and also the development of operation concepts for geological field activities. PANGAEA is conducted in European Geoparks featuring planetary analogue environments.

Past internship opportunities in the areas of IT, science, human physiology and geology have included:

  • CAVES: Development of Operations Tools, Server and Data Collection Apps (IT)
  • CAVES: Science reports and microbiological sampling methods (Science)
  • CAVES: Bibliographic Research on Human related Studies in Underground Environments (Human physiology)
  • PANGAEA: Electronic Fieldbook development (IT)
  • PANGAEA: Catalogue development of planetary minerals for field analytical tools libraries (Geology)

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