Aerospace Engineer for Flight Dynamics


Graduate Position Permanent Toulouse, France

Uploaded 13 May 2018

Job Description

We offer the opportunity to work in the development of ground infrastructure for CNES (French Space Agency) in Flight Dynamics or Space Surveillance projects.

Among other duties, the successful candidate will be in charge of:

  • Analyzing and solving t functional/algorithmic problems in flight-dynamics and space-debris applications (orbit propagation, maneuver computation, orbit determination, re-entry analysis, conjunction computation)
  • Providing first-level support for the client.
  • Designing, developing and validating new functions in already existing or new applications.
  • Updating or creating technical documentation (user manual, design document, validation report…)

Person Specification

- Academic degree: MSc in Aerospace engineering- Level of English: Advanced- Technical knowledge:

  • Space Mechanics
  • Applied mathematics and physics
  • Algorithms analysis and development
  • Java
  • Fortran 90/95

- Valuable knowledge:

  • Operational Flight Dynamics
  • SW Engineering

1 - 2 years of experience.

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