Space Avionics Electronics Engineer (entry to mid-level)

Archangel Lightworks

Graduate Position Permanent Harwell, UK

Uploaded 10 Jun 2018

Job Description

Archangel Lightworks is a start-up specialised in space laser communications based in Harwell Space Campus, Oxfordshire. Founded in mid-2017, we have secured long-term funding and successfully demonstrated several novel prototypes related to laser transmission and efficient perpendicular solar concentration. Our mission is to make 10x more data download possible to meet the demand from the growing satellites market, especially smallsats, delivering more data from the earth orbit to the ground at higher speed.


We are passionate about innovation and driven to find new concepts for space laser communications. We are looking for an innovative, ambitious and experienced (1-5 years) talent with a strong background in a junior Avionics Electronics Engineer and technical leadership to drive this forward and augment our rapidly growing team. We are a small company who like to do big impactful things and we are seeking someone who shares that mindset.

The successful candidate will be responsible for providing engineering expertise in the area of design, development and test of integrated avionics to support the testing of our airborne payloads.

Specific job responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Design and development and operation of avionics subsystems for an unmanned aerial platform to meet requirements and meet local regulations.
  • Design and development of ground station equipment power, mission planning, TC/TM interfaces to enable safe and reliable operation of airborne platform.
  • Research and select components, interface and managing subcontractors and suppliers as required.

Interested applicants may also consider starting first as a fixed-term consultant while rolling into a permanent role. However this is less preferred as we invest in our staff to grow as we grow.

Person Specification

Required skills/experience:

  • Experience using and modifying COTS autopilot systems for aircraft.
  • Experience with high precision attitude sensors (GNSS/INS sensors etc).
  • Programming experience in MATLAB, C++, Python, other.

Desirable additional skills/experience:

  • Experience of control systems, navigation systems, Solidworks, mechanics of flight, composites material, flow modelling, structural design, fast prototyping, and broader aerospace.
  • Development of engineering user interfaces for test/prototyping.
  • Experience operating unmanned aerial vehicles and operating ground station equipment.
  • Familiar with routing harness design through complex 3D models.


You will be remunerated competitively depending on your experience and skills. We work around delivery-focused, agile sprints such that you will be making impact early and regularly, with a sustainable work-life balance. There are options for flexible working hours, (some) working from home, travel and training bursaries, as needed. We also work in the buzzing Harwell Space Campus with regular events on site (networking, workshops), and delicious lunch time international cuisines.

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