Space Placements in INdustry (SPIN)

Space Placements in INdustry scheme (SPIN)

Internship 8 weeks UK Wide, UK

Uploaded 5 Oct 2018

Job Description

The Space Placements in INdustry scheme (SPIN) has been designed to provide an introductory link for those considering employment in the space sector and space sector organisations looking to find the most talented and enthusiastic people to ensure the future success of their businesses. The scheme is managed by the UK Space Agency and supported by the Satellite Applications Catapult.

The value of practical experience in the workplace has long been recognised to offer benefits to the spintern, providing valuable experience of the work environment and the skills that are crucial to a successful career, and benefits to the sponsor or host organisation who can identify a project that might otherwise not be achievable, carried out with a fresh pair of eyes and perhaps a fresh perspective on their own organisation and possibly provide an informal extended interview of a potential employee.

Open Positions:

AVS UK - Harwell, Oxford: Research and development of breakthrough alternative propellant Electric and Hybrid propulsion systems

AVS UK - Harwell, Oxford: Electronic design of a High Voltage Power Processing Unit for Electric Propulsion systems

Carbomap Ltd - Edinburgh: Sentinel-1 SAR Forest Disturbance Mapping

S&AO Ltd - Harwell, Oxford/Home University: Feasibility study: Radar Wind Profiles at Sea

University of Sheffield - Sheffield: Sheffield University Rocket Innovative Design Engineering

Space time Development Ltd - Harwell, Oxford: Real-Time Earth Observations Feed Development

Weather Logistics Ltd - Ingenuity Centre, Nottingham: Validation of Field-Weather Forecasts Using Satellite Observations

Bryce Space and Technology Limited - Harwell, Oxford & London: Start-up Space UK Analysis

Person Specification

We welcome applications from individuals from all disciplines who are enthusiastic to work in the space sector and are keen to develop new skills, applying and building on the knowledge they’ve acquired in their studies to date.

Please see each individual job application for specific required skills.

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