Planetary Science [5 opportunities]

University of Manchester

PhD Permanent Manchester, UK

Uploaded 25 Nov 2018

Job Description

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Be part of an active research team working to further our understanding of the environment and tackle the issues we face today.

We have a broad range of research projects that we are currently engaged in that we are seeking doctoral students for.

Planetary science is an interdisciplinary subject and we welcome students who have studied geology, geochemistry, chemistry, physics or planetary science at degree level, and who ideally have experience of carrying out an independent research project as part of their degree. 

Our current projects fall under the following categories:

Science of meteorites

Science of the Moon

Science of Mars

Suggest your own

The research projects described here should give you a taste of the topics and scope we cover. We welcome project suggestions from prospective students, who should initially contact the appropriate research group academic to discuss the feasibility of their own ideas and identify a supervisor. Staff members currently researching the planetary sciences and associated disciplines within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences are listed on the Planetary Science research page.

Career pathways

For information about career paths related to completing a planetary science PhD please see the STFC website. The Royal Astronomical Society website also has some useful information here about studying astronomy and planetary science in the UK. We also have a blog at Earth and Solar System about planetary science studies and internship opportunities. Our former students have pursued a wide range of further careers paths ranging from planetary science research careers located across the globe (UK, France, Canada, USA, Japan, Germany), teaching science in schools, working in the space tourism sector (Virgin Galactic), the UK Home Office, industry (drilling contractors, technical writer at mass spectrometer company), working at NASA and the European Space Agency, and in research council administration.

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