Payload Integration Management Support


Graduate Position Permanent Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Uploaded 28 Nov 2018

Job Description

  • Generation, bookkeeping and negotiation of (International Partner) agreements (e.g. ESA Payload Integration Agreement (PIA), ESA-NASA PIA, Joint Implementation Plan (JIP), Joint Utilisation Plan (JUP) etc) if these agreements are required
  • Support the review of Experiment Science Requirements (ESR)
  • Monitor the status of Medical Board (MBs) approvals and Informed Consent Briefings
  • Support the Integration Control Board (ICB)
  • Responsible for Change Evaluation Form (CEF) preparation and submittal
  • Support the review of the Increment Definition Requirements Document (IDRD) Annex 5, if requested
  • Responsible for Manifest Request (MR) preparation and submittal of commodities
  • Support the Manifest Status Report review
  • Support the Requirements Planning (RP) Team in the preparation of Cold Stowage inputs
  • Support ESA in the negotiations for setting up Experiment Letters (ELs)
  • Support ESA in the preparation and review of Experiment Specific Agreements (ExSpA) between ESA and Roscosmos
  • Support the relevant payload development reviews (e.g. Critical Design Review (CDR), Final Acceptance Review (FAR))
  • Support the analytical integration activities of payloads into Columbus, integration activities of payloads into IP elements, launcher integration and Cold Stowage integration activities
  • Support the Flight Safety and Integrated Safety process of payloads
  • Support the resolution of System Problem Reports (SPRs)
  • Support preventive maintenance planning and review the Increment Maintenance Plans
  • Support the Logistics service for cargo transportation and integration
  • Support the hardware Operations Nomenclature (OpNom) request process
  • Support the development of label plans and label requests in eLabel Tool
  • Coordinate, together with the Increment Training Lead (ITL), crew training dates, training model and Payload Operations Data File (PODF) delivery dates
  • Support the User Support and Operations Centres (USOCs) in the development and review of PODFs, Experiment Sequence Test (EST) plan, Mission Operations and Implementation Concept (MOIC), Flight Rules (FRs) and Payload Regulations (P/L Regs)
  • Support the review of Planning Requests (PRs)
  • Support the lessons learned process
  • Support the development and review of commissioning plans
  • Participate in ESA meetings such as the Increment Coordination Meetings (ICMs) or Mission Management Telecons (MMTs), as needed
  • Responsible for generating a monthly PIM report and PIM schedule for each allocated payload
  • Responsible for closing Certification of Flight Readiness (CoFR) codes assigned to PIM as CoFR Responsible and for reviewing CoFR codes assigned to PIM as ESA Correspondent, as per schedule provided in the Increment CoFR letter and plan
  • Responsible for creating (and eventually closing) any Open Work (OW) identified in the integrated CoFR data package
  • Elevate payload integration issues to the Utilisation Planning Team Leader and attend the monthly Planning Analysis and Integration (PAI) meeting
  • Support the development of the Requirements Planning Tool (RPT) database

Person Specification

  • A university degree (MSc) or equivalent qualification in engineering
  • Demonstrated widespread experience in human spaceflight activities management, including hardware development, integration, on-orbit operations activities of complex payload, with specific attention on external payloads.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to deliver focused concise management reports or presentations.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • A proven experience in interfacing with International Partners in an international environment, especially Roscosmos, is an asset.
  • Specific experience with the following payloads/facilities is required:
  • External payloads such as ASIM and Solar
  • Highly complex commercial payloads such as Bartolomeo
  • EPM Facility & Cardiolab
  • Human physiology payloads such as Grip, Grasp, TIME and Metabolic Space & Spacetex-2
  • Physical sciences payloads with International science teams such as Plasma Kristall-4
  • Vessel ID
  • Meteron activities such as Supvis-E/M and Analog-1 technology demonstrators
  • National payloads such as Cimon and Wireless Compose.
  • Experience in web technologies (http, JSP, JavaScript, apache, tomcat, web services, …)
  • Experience in relational databases (principally PostgreSQL)
  • Experience in SQL and XML
  • Experience in GIS technology
  • Experience in Virtual Observatory standards and protocols, working groups, working processes and environment would be an asset

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